Wireless heart monitoring enhances patient safety at CMH

Wireless heart monitoring enhances patient safety at CMH

One of the truly special things about Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) is its ongoing commitment to ensuring that we can meet our community’s future healthcare needs.

Although not as visible as new buildings and clinics, CMH’s new telemetry system is a prime example of how CMH is investing in our healthcare future. Telemetry comes from Greek words that mean “remote” and “measure.”

Telemetry is commonly used in scientific research to monitor the movements of animals or to track weather. In medicine, we can use telemetry to monitor a patient’s vital signs without tethering them to a machine.

After months of coordination and planning, CMH put into operation a new hospital-wide telemetry system this February.

When a patient comes to CMH with chest pain; difficulty breathing; or a history of heart attack, heart failure, stroke or another heart related condition, electrodes are placed on their chest. These electrodes measure the patient’s heart rhythms and wirelessly send them to a central monitoring station.

A cardiologist at a remote location can easily view the patient’s heart rhythms and diagnose any issues. If the patient’s heart rhythms change in a way that suggests cardiac distress, alarms will sound and the nursing team can respond quickly.

This technology also protects our youngest patients. Newborns in the CMH Family Birthing Center are also tracked remotely.

Our caregivers are committed to providing care that is patient-centered, quality-focused and service-driven. The new telemetry system enables CMH caregivers to do just that.

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