The Jasper family’s day at CMH

Local family experiences CMH for a day

Pediatrician VisitChrista Jasper wanted to share her recent daylong experience with Columbia Memorial Hospital. Christa says with a son scheduled with a morning appointment, nurse Brooke Duncan took special care to get things moving quickly — even though it wasn’t her responsibility. Medical technologist Carol Langston helped, too.

Christa had other children sick the week prior, and her pediatrician, Dr. Amber Hull, called to check in on them the same day. Dr. Hull was at home sick herself, but she made an extra effort to check in on her young patients. 

Later that evening, Christa’s husband, Daniel, went to the Astoria Urgent Care, where he was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia by nurse practitioner Allison Matilla, DNP-C and other caregivers. 

Christa says the care received was amazing. 

“From the Urgent Care staff to the ER staff, they went above and beyond,” Christa says. “The Urgent Care staff even sent me messages later this evening, while no longer on the clock, to check in on him! So much love, care and compassion. 

Thank you, CMH, for taking such great care of my family!”

Masks continue to be required at CMH for patients, caregivers, and visitors.Learn More