Talking About Virtual Care

Dr. Katrina McPherson talks about virtual care

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Dr. Katrina McPherson, Vice President of Operations for the CMH Medical Group

Katrina McPherson, MD, our Vice President of Operations for the Medical Group, was quoted in a recent article in Hospital Voice magazine about providing care to patients through their phones or computers.

Virtual care is another option for patients who are busy or for whom it is inconvenient to come into an urgent care clinic for care. It’s the convenience of a 21st Century house call—by phone or computer.

The CMH Virtual Clinic puts you in touch with a board-certified doctor or nurse practitioner. You can:

  • Get a diagnosis, treatment, referrals and prescriptions.
  • Get care anytime, anywhere in Washington or Oregon.
  • No insurance needed and no hidden fees.

Learn more about the CMH Virtual Clinic.

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