Summer 2017 Compass Cover Article

Handcrafting hope

art in healthcare

Left to right: Howard Clarke, Laura Lattig, Cindy Nemlowill, Randy McClelland, Richard Rowland, and Chris Laman.

The cover photo on this issue of CMH Health Compass features several of Columbia Memorial Hospital’s caregivers, a Columbia Memorial Hospital Foundation Board member and Richard Rowland, a local artist whose work at the Astoria Dragon Kiln has created symbols of hope for hundreds of cancer survivors.

Each person who completes their cancer treatment is invited to choose a handmade clay mug. For many, this beautiful mug serves as a reminder of their journey through cancer treatment and as a symbol of hope for the future.

Like raw clay, each person who undergoes treatment for cancer is changed by the experience. They are shaped and stretched by the presence of cancer and the need to change daily routines to accommodate rigorous treatment schedules. Then, like the cup baking in the intense heat of the wood-fired kiln—marked by the ashes glazing it—they are remade stronger and uniquely beautiful.

Many hands have worked to design and build the new CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative. It is the greatest community-supported project that I have seen in my career.

I am certain that our new facility will reduce the incredible burden of cancer for many and that it will open the doors to improved healthcare services for all.

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