Sharing our caregivers’ Pandemic Perspectives

Josh Corder, Emergency Department nurse

Josh Corder, Emergency Department nurse, shared his thoughts for the Pandemic Perspectives photo campaign at CMH.

What it’s like to work at a hospital during a pandemic

By Kristen Moss, Patient Experience Manager

Kristen Moss, Patient Experience Manager

Kristen Moss, Patient Experience Manager

Our caregivers have been called heroes and essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. The truth is, most caregivers don’t feel like heroes or even think they are doing something extraordinary.

“This is just what I do every day,” says Ryan Taggart, a nurse in the CMH Critical Care Unit.

Kevin Levi, a social worker, says, “I’m just trying to stay present and recognize what I can and cannot control.”

“The word ‘hero’ implies that we are infallible and unaffected by the chaos around us, but we are experiencing it just like everyone else in the world,” observes Emergency Department nurse Josh Corder. 

CMH caregivers have truly stepped up during a difficult time, pledging to give their all in the face of illness, uncertainty and discomfort — but they, too, feel the anxieties and uncertainty of the coronavirus. 

Pandemic Perspectives is a photo campaign that shows what it is really like to work in a hospital during a worldwide pandemic. The purpose of the project was to shed light on the realities of being an essential worker during an unprecedented time. We wanted to illustrate the good that has been found, the hope that some have gained, and the hard times and even the scary things that go into showing up and helping others, despite personal and global crises. 

We know that to adequately express gratitude for the health care workers in our community, we must acknowledge that the work they are doing is hard, that it occasionally takes bravery and sacrifice, and that it is important. The goal of this campaign is gratitude, acknowledgement and creating hope amidst a time of uncertainty.

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