Speech Language Pathology
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Speech Language Pathology

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CMH Rehabilitation Services: Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathology is a health science that involves the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognitive, voice, swallowing and oral-motor disorders. People who can benefit from speech therapy may have:

  • Voice disorders secondary to injury, disease or surgery
  • Communication and comprehension disorders following head injury or stroke
  • Difficulty with coordination and strength of facial muscles, including the tongue
  • Articulation problems or stuttering
  • Swallowing problems or a need for swallowing evaluation (including modified barium swallow)

Health conditions that affect speech may be present in patients of any age. In children, speech therapy can also be beneficial for those with tongue-thrust problems, or, in the case of speech and language delay as a result of hearing loss or developmental disorders.

CMH speech language pathologists are continuing to build programs for cancer-related speech, swallowing and cognitive deficits. They are specialists with:

  • Pediatric swallowing, feeding, cognitive and speech/language issues
  • Treatment and guidance for parents/schools with autistic and developmental delayed children
  • Concussion, TBI or neurological conditions that result in cognition changes
  • Strengthening programs for oral motor and swallowing processes
  • Adaptive device assessment for communication

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