Outpatient Pharmacy
The convenience you need and the care you deserve

Outpatient Pharmacy

About the CMH Outpatient Pharmacy

The CMH Outpatient Pharmacy in Astoria is dedicated to helping you understand your medications. Each of our friendly and experienced pharmacists can answer your questions about how to take your medicine, what to expect, including potential side effects, and the things you should avoid when taking your medications. As with every department, clinic and service area at CMH, the outpatient Astoria pharmacy is person-centered. Our goal is to provide care that is quality-driven and focused on your individual needs.

The CMH Outpatient Pharmacy offers competitive prices, accepts most insurance plans, and is conveniently located near the main hospital and many of Astoria’s medical providers, in the Park Medical Building. Whenever possible, we will work to make sure that all of your repeat prescriptions are filled on the same day each month so that you can plan to make only one trip to the pharmacy. Our variety of wellness services in Astoria includes physical therapy, rehab, and diabetes assistance in addition to our outpatient pharmacy. 

In addition to filling your medication prescriptions, the CMH Outpatient Astoria Pharmacy is your resource for:

  • Recommendations on using vitamins and supplements
  • Helping you to choose over-the-counter medications
  • Daily delivery service for disabled or home-bound persons (Monday-Friday after 6pm)
  • Adult immunizations against flu, pneumococcal and shingles (call for availability)
  • Pharmacist-prescribed birth control (call to schedule an appointment with one of our pharmacists, and we can prescribe and monitor your birth control prescription)
  • Medication disposal boxes
  • Toiletries and personal care items
  • Breastfeeding and baby care items

MedSafe Medication Disposal

Proper disposal of all medications is a matter of personal and public safety. We’ve made it easy to dispose of your unused or expired medications responsibly! Just drop it in the blue MedSafe box at CMH Outpatient Pharmacy. Proper disposal:

  • Reduces abuse of medicines
  • Prevents accidental poisonings of people and animals
  • Keeps hazardous waste out of our lakes and rivers

Medicine take-back programs like this are the only secure and environmentally sound way to manage unused medicines. Law enforcement departments can also accept unwanted medications.