Cardiac Rehabilitation
A healthy way forward after a heart event

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart Care for the Rest of Your Life

Following a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack, heart surgery, or after a diagnosis of heart disease, your physician will likely recommend that you participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program.

The certified CMH Cardiac Rehabilitation Program includes monitored exercise, nutritional and lifestyle education, and support. As a “cardiac rehab” participant, your exercise plan is customized to your needs under the direct guidance of a physician, specialized nurse, and exercise physiologists. The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is to help you return to the best possible physical condition, feel stronger, increase your energy, and decrease your risk for future cardiovascular problems.

Cardiac rehabilitation consists of three phases. Phase I cardiac rehabilitation occurs in an inpatient setting. At Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) we provide Phase II and Phase III cardiac rehabilitation, after discharge from the hospital. Our gym is fully equipped with a wide variety of cardio and strength-training equipment and you will have the help and guidance of our exercise physiologists.

Many people worry about exercising after a cardiac event; however exercise is a vital piece of your recovery. At CMH Cardiac Rehabilitation your heart will be continuously monitored for any signs of distress or dysfunction and all of our caregivers are trained and certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. This is the safest way to get your heart back in shape.

Your Cardiac Rehab Team

The CMH Cardiac Rehabilitation program is medically supervised by clinical exercise physiologists and registered nurses. Together with your physician, they will guide you through exercises that are appropriate for your stage of recovery and level that is safe for your particular heart condition. Physician medical direction is provided by the CMH/OHSU Cardiology Clinic.


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