Cancer Care Center
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Cancer Care Center

Welcome to the CMH/OHSU Cancer Care Center

With a cancer diagnosis comes many decisions, including where to go for treatment. At CMH, our patient-centered philosophy of care is at the core of our cancer treatment program, which began with a unique partnership with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

The OHSU Knight Cancer Center is known worldwide for their contributions to the fight against cancer, and it is the only center in Oregon designated by the National Cancer Institute, an honor reserved for the top cancer centers in the U.S.

The cancer treatment program at CMH is the first of its kind for OHSU in Oregon and it serves as a prime example of determination, innovation, and a commitment to delivering medical excellence to patients, without the miles. Together, our goal is bring the highest quality cancer care possible to those living in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Growing to Serve

In May of 2015, CMH announced a major expansion of its partnership with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. Plans include the design and construction of a 19,000 sq. ft., $16 million cancer treatment center. In its current space, the CMH/OHSU Cancer Center provides over 3,500 office visits and 2,500 infusion and chemotherapy visits per year.

Once the new state-of-the-art facility opens in late 2017, OHSU oncologists and hematologists are projected to increase the number of lives they touch on the North Coast to 5,700 clinic visits, over 3,000 infusions and chemotherapy visits, plus 1,800 radiation therapy visits after the first year in operation.

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Your Cancer Care Team

The CMH/OHSU Cancer Care Center provides personalized cancer care and hematology care based on your unique health needs. You will benefit from a large, diverse team of experts, including:

  • Board-Certified Medical Oncologists: As members of the OHSU Knight Cancer Center Institute’s medical staff, our cancer doctors work in close collaboration with other oncologists and cancer researchers to diagnose and develop treatment plans for cancer patients.
  • Certified Oncology Nurses: Our certified oncology nurses work with your doctors to carry out your personalized treatment plan here and to monitor your health throughout treatment and beyond.
    • Nurse Navigator: Your nurse navigator is dedicated to guiding you and your family through the cancer care experience. They will work with you to schedule appointments, teach you about your treatment, and connect you with resources at CMH and in the community.
    • Triage Nurses: During treatment, you will most likely have questions. CMH triage nurses are available to answer any health questions you have, connecting you with the care you need quickly with the highest degree of service possible.
  • Oncology-Trained Pharmacist: Our oncology-trained pharmacist works with your doctor to develop the best chemotherapy drug cocktail to target your specific type of cancer.
  • Infusion Center Care Team: Whether your cancer treatment calls for daily, weekly or several rounds of chemotherapy or other infusions, be assured that the CMH Infusion Center caregiver team is eager to support you and your family with great compassion, placing special attention on your needs. 
  • Laboratory Services: While the CMH Laboratory Services team works behind the scenes, they are focused on ensuring that your lab results are delivered to your physicians quickly to prevent delays to your care. 
  • Medical Nutrition Therapist: While undergoing cancer treatment, good nutrition is very important. Many patients experience side effects that impact appetite and food intake.  Our registered dietitians work with you to create a nutrition plan that supports your health through treatment and beyond.

Holistic Cancer Care Support

CMH is committed to supporting you through your cancer treatment journey—body, mind and spirit. As part of our integrated medicine approach to cancer care, we provide complementary therapies, including:

  • Physical Therapy 
  • Gentle Yoga Classes
  • Aromatherapy
  • Health Coaching
  • Support Groups
  • Wig Fittings
  • Education

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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