Radiation Therapy Machine Installation

One Step Closer to Radiation Therapy

ASTORIA, Ore.–The Lower Columbia region is one step closer to having radiation therapy for cancer available locally.

The CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaboration’s new linear particle accelerator (LINAC) machine arrived in Astoria in early July 2017. Three engineers have flown in from Sydney, Australia, to install the machine. It will take five weeks to get it up and running.

This Elekta LINAC started its round-the-world journey on March 10 in England. It sailed through the Panama Canal to Long Beach, Calif.; and was then trucked up to Astoria in 43 boxes.

The engineers, Scott Parker, Michael Przibilla and Sho Hisatake, said it’s unusual for a city of fewer than 100,000 people to be getting a machine like this. They said it’s a privilege to work on this project and that they’re excited for our community.

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