Quiet at night

CMH PFAC investigates earplugs for patients

By Judy Braim, PFAC member

The CMH Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is an important part of the efforts to improve the patient experience. PFAC focuses on the details. Currently, PFAC is helping with the “quiet at night” initiative. 

earplugsIt can be very difficult to sleep in a strange environment, and if you add in new lights and sounds, sleep can be as elusive as winning the lottery. PFAC members have contributed to the quiet conversation in many ways. One PFAC member spent the night in the hospital to experience first-hand what the barriers to sleep are. We are also investigating earplugs to find the one that will best suit patient needs. 

PFAC members looked at four different types of earplugs. There was a general agreement among members that two elements were important: how easy the earplugs were to insert and how well they blocked out noise. Of the four samples, there wasn’t a clear winner. The earplugs that were more dense blocked out more sound. The earplugs that were softer were easier to insert and more comfortable. An orange set won for sound dampening, and a two-toned set won for comfort and ease of insertion.

By conducting this and other research for CMH, PFAC provides a much-needed service by speaking for patients. We are looking for community members to join us in our mission to be the best in patient care. If you or a family member have been a patient at CMH, you feel you can help us speak for patients, and you have suggestions for improving our delivery of the best in healthcare, please join us

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