Podcast: Lose weight with intensive behavioral therapy

Vann Lovett, MPH, RD, LDRegistered/Licensed Dietitian

In this episode of “Hands on Health”, we’re joined by registered dietitian Vann Lovett. Vann wears a lot of hats at Columbia Memorial Hospital. She manages three departments:

  • Nutrition Services, which feeds everyone healthy and delicious food
  • The Diabetes Education department, which works with people with diabetes on how to effectively manage their disease
  • And Medical Nutrition Therapy, which helps patients in and out of the hospital to get the nutrition they need to heal from disease or injury, and to reach their health goals

We take a deep dive into an aspect of health that a lot of people struggle with—excess body weight. We’ll talk about how much is too much and why, and a one-year program clinically proven to help people lose weight.

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