Philanthropic partnerships

Part of what makes a Planetree hospital unique is the extensive involvement of community leaders who spend their precious volunteer time and resources to bring the hospital to the community and the community to the hospital. 

PhilanthropyWe have several groups of community leaders that do this at CMH, including the Board of Trustees, the Patient & Family Advisory Council, the Auxiliary, and the Foundation Board of Directors. Each group chooses its own projects and goals to pursue, with the same objective of helping people in our region get the health care they need.

One of those hardworking groups is the Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) Foundation Board of Directors. This group of dedicated professionals develops resources that help ensure access to and excellence in health care to those who depend on CMH for care. They inspire transformational philanthropy that gives life’s greatest gift — good health. 

As a not-for-profit hospital, CMH relies on philanthropic partnerships to be able to offer the health services and programs that meet immediate needs. Offering the best care to patients is our commitment to the thousands of individuals who trust us with their lives every year. 

Covering the cost of quality care

By creating philanthropic partnerships, the CMH Foundation Board allows the hospital to build an excellent health care network for less money. Consider that the hospital must earn $12.50 for every $1 of additional investment in replacing equipment, maintaining facilities and retaining highly-skilled staff. In other words, to save for a $2 million piece of equipment, or to fund a program for one year, CMH must generate $25 million in revenue. 

If the hospital were to borrow money to cover the cost of that same $2 million piece of equipment, it would have to pay that money back — with interest. For example, $2 million borrowed at five percent interest over 15 years will cost more than $2.8 million — which adds up to $35.6 million in operating revenue needed to repay the loan. 

So, when philanthropic partners join in carrying out the mission, CMH can achieve a standard of care that would otherwise not be possible. Our sincere and humble thanks to all those who step in and up to support your hospital — it makes all the difference to everyone who counts on CMH for care! 

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