PFAC pillow talk

PFAC tests new inpatient pillows for CMH

By Phil Ziebert, PFAC Advisor

I volunteered to lead the pillow project, to help choose new pillows for inpatients, for PFAC and quickly found there is a science to choosing a pillow. After a little research online, I found a tool for grading pillows and was able to adapt it for the committee to decide which pillow would be the best patient satisfier.

Pillow TestingThe test included the current pillow used at CMH and three samples provided by the vendor. The grading tool looked at categories such as firmness, temperature, noise, squish-ability, sound blocking and weight.

I slept on the pillows for three nights each. Some nights were better than others. I then presented my findings to the PFAC. We found ourselves very engaged and spent half the meeting discussing pillows. At the end of the discussion, we quickly came to a consensus on one pillow that we recommend.

It was easy for the committee to engage in this project, because we understand how important comfort is for a patient’s satisfaction, and something as simple as a pillow can make a big difference.


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