Life, still and again

Finding voice

Cover of "Still, life and again"

Karin Temple makes sense of the senseless in verse.

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer in October 2018, she says, “I had no choice, I needed to write about it.” The result is Life, still and again, a collection of 14 poems about Temple’s journey through cancer treatment.

The book is a collaboration of Temple, book designer Lucien Swerdloff and the CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative. It features photographs by Justin Grafton.

“Some of these poems I labored on, and some—they were just there,” she says. “A poem is a container—like artwork—and when you can contain something, that is already a triumph.”

Temple’s seventh book, Life, still and again, touches on the way cancer changes time and place, the sense of being betrayed by one’s own body, the sorrows of losing friends to cancer, the joy in everyday moments, and the eventuality of death.

During a break in her treatment, Temple recorded her poetry at KMUN studios with the help of Astronemis Ray. We invite you to hear the poems as the poet intended them:

—Felicia Struve, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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