Person-Centered Care

Person-Centered Care

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Person-Centered Care

Healthcare as it Should Be — All About You!

Over the past 20 years, healthcare has begun to transform for the better. Healthcare organizations realized that providing great medical care was no longer enough to help patients achieve health and well-being.

As patients, we still want excellent medical care, but we also want to feel valued, respected and involved in decisions about our health. More than a decade ago, Columbia Memorial Hospital’s (CMH) leadership embraced the opportunity to reshape healthcare in our community.

CMH has invested in creating an organization where our patient’s experience is priority one; and, where excellence encompasses quality, service, and care.

Why Choose CMH?

Choosing which hospital and healthcare providers to entrust with your care is not an easy decision.

When it comes to life-saving care, treatment for chronic illness, help for a family member who’s suffered a cardiac event or stroke, where you’d like to deliver your first child, or who to call on when the flu hits your home, you need to know that the team working with you is skilled, experienced and focused. You want convenience and value, without sacrificing quality and compassion.

Given the opportunity, CMH promises to make your experiences with us excellent! As a Planetree Gold-Certified Hospital, we embrace, support and promote the person-centered philosophy of care. We believe that a patient is a person to care for not a condition to treat.

Planetree Certification is a Sign of Excellence

Our Planetree certification signals to our community and all those we serve that CMH is health system where providers partner with patients and families, and where patient comfort, dignity, empowerment, and well being are prioritized with providing top-quality clinical care.

In addition to adopting the drivers of Planetree, we strive to develop and implement tools and processes that promise a culture of safety and excellence for every patient, at all times, and in every area of our organization. At CMH we strive to develop the following areas:

  • Structures that Promote Engagement
  • Connect Values, Strategies & Actions
  • Promote Partnership
  • Know What Matters
  • Evidence-Based Improvement

Masks continue to be required at CMH for patients, caregivers, and visitors.Learn More