Patient raves about experience with CMH provider

Russell Maize, 56 recently attended his first appointment with Dr. Anisa Richardson in Astoria Primary Care. Maize was born and raised in Warrenton, left to travel the world, and has now been back in the Long Beach area for 18 years. 

Russell MaizeMaize is a recent amputee with health issues stemming from a fall. He’s seen over 30 doctors for treatment.

“I like to keep a lot of my care local for many reasons,” Maize explains. “I had been going to one doctor and needed to make a switch. I heard recommendations about Dr. Richardson and was extremely impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and care.”

Dr. Richardson joined Columbia Memorial Hospital’s Primary Care Clinic in Warrenton in September 2017. She moved to Astoria Primary Care when it opened in October 2018.

Maize happily booked follow-up appointments with Dr. Richardson after his first visit. He says she was compassionate and caring, and she took the time to listen to him and answer all of his questions.

“A lot of doctors will just talk over you, but she talked to me,” he says. “We round-tabled some issues for me, and we’re going to try a few things out. She was open to different treatment plans and made sure I felt like I was a part of the process.”

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