Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Working together to improve communication and care

Patient and Family Advisory Council

PFAC speaks for patients

Patient-guided, person-centered

Columbia Memorial Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a very important group of people. These committed community members share their perspectives and speak for patients in discussions about how the hospital and Medical Group can best meet patients’ needs.

Since 2012, this group has served as a guiding light for the leadership of Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH). Their input is vital to shaping the healthcare experience at CMH and ensuring the continued viability of medical services in our region.

The PFAC’s goals are to:
  • Sharing thoughts, opinions, questions, concerns and ideas to help improve the patient experience and overall care.
  • Collaborating with hospital employees to improve the healthcare experience in our community.
  • Working on improvement projects that improve care and experience at CMH.


In recent years, the PFAC has given input into a number of key projects, including the remodel of the Critical Care Unit, launching new Primary Care Clinics, increasing interpretation services, keeping the hospital quiet and even updating the CMH dress code.

The CMH Patient and Family Advisory Council is a model for other healthcare organizations. Our PFAC has hosted several international webinars with Planetree Inc., was featured in the Arkansas Hospital Association’s magazine, and was invited to present a poster at the annual Planetree Conference.

Joining PFAC

Members of the Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) represent the needs and priorities of many people. They serve as a liaison between the community and the hospital.

You may qualify to be a PFAC member, if you are a current or recent CMH patient, or you are a family member of a current or recent CMH patient.
People who are effective PFAC members are:
  • Good listeners and respectful of others.
  • Interested in a wide range of healthcare issues.
  • Willing to share personal healthcare experiences.
  • Appreciative of others’ experiences and insight.
  • Enthusiastic and practical about the goal of person-centered care.

PFAC Commitment

PFAC members meet monthly at lunchtime and are part of the hospital’s Planetree Caregiver Council. This generally requires about three hours a month. 

Applying to PFAC

Thank you for your interest in joining the CMH Patient and Family Advisory Council. Your application will be reviewed by the PFAC facilitator and committee.

Apply to PFAC.

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