Our continuing commitment to support change

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To our patients, caregivers and community:

June 5, 2020

CMH is a system of health. Our purpose is to enhance health and save lives while keeping our community strong and vital. As caregivers dedicated to healing those in need, it is intensely difficult to watch the tragic and violent death of a human being and the subsequent unrest occurring across the nation.

Our Continuing Commitment to Support ChangeColumbia Memorial Hospital is dedicated to preserving and assisting every life. We will not be silent or complicit in any form of racism, discrimination or marginalization of any human being.

Nearly 20 years ago, CMH embraced the vision of Angelica Thieriot, the founder of Planetree International. Ms. Thieriot strongly believed health care organizations required change and must always operate in a manner to meet individuals’ human need for respect, control and warm and supportive care.

CMH continues to invest in Ms. Thieriot’s vision through our daily work and involvement in various community health initiatives. We will intensify this work with our local community groups to make fundamental changes and address our society’s disparities here at home. CMH also promises to continue to hire and train a diverse workforce so that every caregiver, patient and member of the community is welcomed and respected within our organization.

Change comes from within, and CMH intends to remain a community leader ensuring people have opportunities to enact that change. CMH’s Mission Statement, “To provide excellence, leadership and compassion in the enhancement of health for those we serve,” will continue to be our guiding compass through these difficult times.

Please join us in this continuing commitment to safety and health, free of bias and discrimination in any form. Take care of each other and be well.


Portrait of Constance Waisanen

Constance Waisanen, President, CMH Board of Trustees



Columbia Memorial Hospital (Astoria, Oregon)

Erik Thorsen, CEO

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