No Shave November at CMH

Cancer Center caregivers participate to raise cancer awareness

By Chris Laman, Director of Pharmacy & Cancer Center Services

Four of the caregivers working in the CMH/OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative took part in No Shave November. Our goal was to grow awareness of male cancers by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Two of our infusion nurses (Brent Rueff and Brett Byers), as well as Dr. Pehr Hartvigson (radiation oncologist) and myself have been entertaining patients and our fellow caregivers with our attempts to grow the best whiskers.

No Shave November 2019

Four CMH caregivers took part in No Shave November, including Dr. Pehr Hartvigson (top left), Cancer Center director Chris Laman (top and bottom middle), Brett Byers (top and bottom right), and Brent Rueff (bottom left).

Brent already had a beard, so the women who work in the Cancer Center decided that he would participate in No Shave November by not shaving his head, which he typically keeps shaved. He hesitated for just a second, but decided to be a good sport and agreed. He is using No Shave November to raise awareness and funding for The Prevent Cancer Foundation, an organization solely dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection.

Overall, the month has been a lot of fun for the team and our patients. Next year, we are going to get more people involved throughout the hospital and make it a fundraiser for the Arm-in-Arm Fund. This fund, created when the Cancer Center opened in 2017, is used by patients to fund things that are not covered by insurance and can make getting treatment almost impossible, such as transportation, child care, household bills and additional medical costs. 

If you are interested in donating to the Arm-in-Arm fund, please contact Kassia Nye or Gad Perez in the CMH Foundation at 503-325-3208. Stay tuned for next year’s No Shave November!

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