Ken Pearson creates new sign for Cardiac Rehab

By Sarah Bello

CMH catering coordinator Ken Pearson began 2018 with open heart surgery — a quadruple bypass, to be exact, meaning four blood vessels were blocked and needed to be rerouted. 

After getting through the surgery, Pearson was required to complete 12 weeks of Phase II Cardiac Rehab at CMH. There, patients are monitored by machines, exercise physiologists and other caregivers, making sure the heart gets the appropriate amount of activity during recovery. 

Ken Pearson created a new sign for Cardiac Rehab.“It was great,” Pearson said. “They told me all about the machines, what they expected and how long it was going to take. It was actually a lot of fun, even though you were working out.”

After finishing Cardiac Rehab in March, Pearson said he feels 100 percent better. He wanted to thank the caregivers who work in Cardiac Rehab for their work with him, so he created a wood sign inscribed with the Cardiac Rehab logo and the phrase “I put my heart into Cardiac Rehab.” He signed the back of it, and other patients sign it when they complete the program, too. 

“I made it big to hold a lot of signatures,” Pearson said. “I’ll make them another if it gets filled up.”

Cardiac Rehab displays the sign front and center and gets lots of comments on it. Gigi Chadwick, customer service representative for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, said the patients love it. 

“It is a beautiful, affirming gift,” she said. 

Pearson wouldn’t have made the sign if he didn’t go through the program, but seeing it displayed makes him proud. 

“It’s a pretty important service they do there,” he said. 

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