Meet Misty Kay Holmes, LXMO medical assistant

Misty Kay Holmes

Holmes works primarily with X-ray patients

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

Misty Kay Holmes likes to get creative in her job. In some cases, patients who come in for an X-ray are unable to maneuver themselves into the correct X-ray position. In those moments, Holmes thinks outside the box for a solution to solve the problem and keep the patient comfortable. 

Holmes works as a Limited X-ray Machine Operator (LXMO) medical assistant in the CMH Specialty Clinics and occasionally in the Warrenton Urgent Care. After caring for her grandmother and working in an assisted living center, she was inspired to go into this career. Her day consists of focusing on X-rays almost exclusively.

Apart from taking the X-rays, Holmes also controls and sets the machines. She measures the areas and adjusts the tables before performing an X-ray. Holmes also checks what X-rays were ordered, validates them and schedules appointments. Misty Kay Holmes gets her leg casted for a demonstration.

The day before an appointment, Holmes looks at the previous notes made so she can know what to expect. She keeps track of the schedules for the week so she can stay organized and prepare for upcoming appointments. She pays close attention to her patients’ needs, whether that’s getting them a glass of water or a snack. 

After working at CMH for six years, Holmes says her favorite part about her job is seeing the healing process and helping patients. She also enjoys showing patients their X-rays, within compliance of our open chart policy for patients. Her problem-solving skills and desire to help others make visits go smoothly for patients. 

Thank you, Misty Kay, for all you do for our patients in Astoria and Warrenton!

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