Meet the 2019 CMH summer interns

Seven local students joined the staff this summer

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

This summer, seven interns, myself included, joined the staff at Columbia Memorial Hospital to learn more about careers in the medical field. Get to know them a little better.

Emily Nicholson, Medical Group Intern

Intern Emily NicholsonDescribing her internship in one word, Emily Nicholson says it was “unique.” Over the summer, as the CMH Medical Group’s intern, Nicholson worked throughout the different Medical Group departments. In the morning, she started in one clinic, and in the afternoon, she switched to another one. 

During her internship, Nicholson interacted with many people in the hospital. One of her main tasks included calling patients to remind them about their appointments. She also spent time faxing and scanning paperwork. In the fall, Nicholson will enter her senior year in high school. She is a member of 4-H and a part of her school’s student council.

Sarah Lertora, Family Birthing Center Intern

Intern Sarah LertoraAs a college student studying nursing, Sarah Lertora’s internship in the Family Birthing Center was fascinating. Throughout her time there, she worked closely with the nurses while they supported families during a special time in their lives. Lertora helped the nurses by faxing important paperwork. She also job-shadowed a few, allowing her to get a firsthand look at their responsibilities.

Lertora says she admired how smart the nurses were. After her internship, she will be going into her second year of college. Lertora is studying nursing at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. She is considering getting a health teaching minor and later earning a master’s degree in school counseling. Lertora is involved in 4-H and the George Fox University Nursing Club. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and ultimate frisbee.

Abigail Moten, Occupational Therapy Intern

Intern Abigail MotenFrom scheduling appointments to answering the phones, Abigail Moten spent a busy summer interning in the CMH Occupational Therapy Department. When she started her internship, Moten was taught how to use each of the necessary computer programs and software, such as Cerner. Moten worked both upstairs and downstairs in the Health and Wellness Pavilion.

Moten enjoyed being exposed to the medical environment and expanding her horizons. She is currently a part of the CNA program at Clatsop Community College, and in the future, she would like to become a nurse. This fall, she begins her senior year in high school. When she isn’t working or studying, she is a 4-H member and likes playing sports. 

Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

Whether she was writing an article, conducting interviews or collecting data, every day presented something new for marketing intern Astronemis Ray. Intern Astronemis RayRay stayed busy throughout her internship with various projects, one of which included interviewing her fellow interns at CMH. The radio interviews will air on KMUN Coast Community Radio in September and be available as a podcast on the radio station’s website.

In Marketing, Ray learned about data retrieval and even had an opportunity to collect her own. She created a survey about health care and analyzed the results, specifically focusing on different generations and how their responses contrasted. Ray will be attending Clatsop Community College in the fall. She plans to obtain her Medical Assisting Certificate and associate’s degree. In her free time, she volunteers with 4-H and Coast Community Radio as a chief engineer and teen reporter. 

Daniel Laferriere, Outpatient Pharmacy Intern

Intern Daniel LaferriereDaniel Laferriere spent his summer interning with the CMH Outpatient Pharmacy. He learned a wide variety of skills, such as interacting with patients, paying attention to details and mathematical knowledge. Whether he was making deliveries or working the register, he often assisted patients. Laferriere also worked on counting in the pharmacy, assuring that the number of pills in a prescription bottle was accurate. 

“Because of my internship, I have more of an interest in educating myself about the medical field,” Laferriere says. “After this, I hope I can take the Health Occupations class offered at my high school.” Laferriere enjoyed his time working in the pharmacy and would like to continue down the pharmaceutical career path. In the fall, he will start his junior year of high school, where he is a member of the Anime Club and the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Club.

Cierra Hakala, Health Information Management (HIM) Intern

Interning in CMH Health Information Management (HIM) meant Cierra Hakala pushed a lot of paper this summer. One of her main tasks was scanning paperwork. She scanned medical documents and filed them on a computer. 

Intern Cierra Hakala

When she first started her internship, she was unfamiliar with doing that.

Hakala learned a lot of essential office skills that she will likely use later on in her career. Although she isn’t sure what she will do in the future, she would like to work in the medical field someday, and this internship helped confirm that. In the fall, she will begin her junior year in high school, where she is a part of the volleyball and track and field team. 

Kes Sandstrom, Laboratory Intern

In CMH’s Lab, every day is different, and intern Kes Sandstrom frequently met new people. When she first began her internship, she studied all of the Lab’s policies, learning the rules and procedures. After that, she was able to draw blood from patients. 

Intern Kes Sandstrom“The first time I drew blood, I was so nervous, I couldn’t even get my gloves on,” Sandstrom says. She gained more experience drawing blood in the Emergency Department, the outpatient Lab, Med/Surg and in ICU. Getting to interact with several patients a day was a big part of her internship, and she became familiar with them and began building good connections. 

In September, Sandstrom will join the freshman class at Linfield College in McMinnville, where she’ll be a member of the Linfield Track and Field team and study nursing. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano and taking Zumba classes. 

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