Meet Brenna Cokusis, CMA

Brenna Cokusis, CMA, Women’s Center

At CMH, we employ more than 60 medical assistants across our many clinics. Their duties are integral to the excellent care we provide to our patients. Get to know Brenna Cokusis, a medical assistant from our Women’s Center!

Brenna Cokusis, CMAHow long have you worked here?
Since December 2018

What other jobs have you held in your lifetime?
From scooping ice cream at a local store in Seaside to working for a plastic surgeon in San Diego, working at the Women’s Center has been my favorite job thus far.  

What does person-centered care mean to you? 
It means being able to treat the whole person and not just their diagnosis.

What brought you to the community and/or why do you enjoy living here?
I am originally from the area but recently moved back due to my husband being stationed here with the Coast Guard. I love the history and culture here and how beautiful it is. 

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy cooking and trying new, unique recipes. 

What is your favorite thing about working in the Women’s Center?
My favorite thing about working in the Women’s Center is the people I work with. Everyone respects each other, and we know how to come together as a team during tough days. Also, I get to see a lot of cute babies that our providers delivered. 

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