Imaging all-stars: Mary Kellow

Mary Kellow

Mary Kellow, Lead Mammographer

By Sarah Bello

Years at CMH: 24

Mary Kellow became a registered x-ray technologist 46 years ago. She had always liked science and medicine, and after working as an x-ray secretary, she says, “the rest is history.”

For the past 24 years, Mary has worked at CMH. She is now the lead mammographer. She was working at Tillamook County General Hospital (now Tillamook Regional Medical Center) when her husband’s job transferred him to Astoria, and she joined CMH.

Now, she say, “This is home.” Mary and her husband have spent most of their working lives in Astoria and have raised three daughters here. 

When she first started at CMH, the hospital only employed about 120 people. Now, there are more than 600 caregivers.

“Working with people and providing the best medical care I can give them is the best part of the job,” she says. “Staying up with all the new technology can be the most challenging aspect.”

When she isn’t working, Mary enjoys gardening, traveling, reading and hiking with her husband. She likes to stay healthy and is looking forward to enjoying retirement with her family. 

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