Meet Maria Shipley, RN

Maria Shipley, RN

Shipley has been a caregiver at CMH for more than a decade

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

Foot surgery can be painful and challenging, but CMH nurse Maria Shipley works hard to help her patients, doing all she can to assure they heal soon. Currently working in the Orthopedic Clinic, she has been a caregiver at CMH for 11 years. 

Shipley works with many patients, caring for wounds, completing nail care check-ups, taking vitals and conducting diabetic foot checks. Wound care is a big priority, with Shipley wrapping wounds and disinfecting them. When someone comes in with a foot infection or develops a bunion and needs surgery, Shipley explains how to care for the wound. She also helps patients feel better by applying specific patches that go on feet, such as the Manuka Honey adhesive patch and Aquacel Ag patch. Before placing one, Shipley sterilizes the area, wrapping surgical tape around everything when she’s finished. 

Prior to patients’ arrival, Shipley does chart prep, taking excellent notes. During nail care appointments, she asks patients if there have been any changes with their nails. When working with nails, Shipley is very cautious and pays close attention. After trimming, she sands them down and sometimes applies lotion to their feet. Her attention to detail helps her identify if there’s a possible injury on a patient’s foot.

Since she can speak both English and Spanish, Shipley helps native Spanish speakers feel more relaxed during their visits. Her work ethic speaks for itself. Every day, she helps patients feel at ease and comfortable during their time in the Orthopedic Clinic. 

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