Margaret Santee: 30 years at CMH

Margaret Santee, RN joined CMH on July 6, 1988, and CMH gained one of the most dedicated, loyal, trustworthy and caring nurses it has ever seen. Margaret came to the CMH Critical Care Unit, where she worked for over 20 years. She now works for the Care Management department. Margaret’s staff have countless stories regarding her commitment, creativity and teamwork. Teri Lehman shared a story about how she and Margaret cared for patients one night when the power went out and the backup generator didn’t start. They hand-ventilated a patient for hours, taking Margaret Santeemanual vital signs using just flashlights. This amazing commitment resulted in the family remembering their names years later. 

What a difference we make with patients, and Margaret has and continues to make that difference today. Her continual commitment to the care of patients and families has brought her great success in the Care Management department. It is not unusual to see Margaret giving hugs and support to her patients’ family members. She is our resident veterans insurance pro, and she always serves as support to new registered nurses who are finding their way. 

We can always count on Margaret for amazing clinical expertise, caring and commitment to patients. She genuinely cares for all, including her fellow staff — making handmade baby and birthday gifts! Thank you, Margaret, for choosing CMH.

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