Oral Chemotherapy

Your oncology doctor may determine that an oral chemotherapy drug is the best way to treat your cancer. Oral chemo is a pill or liquid that you swallow and take at home.

Before you start, you will receive very clear instructions on how to take your medication and what side effects to expect. It is very important to take your oral chemo exactly as the doctor tells you.

Your oral chemo will come from a specialty mail order pharmacy, which will coordinate your medication shipments. Your medication may be delivered to the clinic or to your home, depending on your preference and insurance requirements.

Sometimes your insurance copay may be very high, since these drugs are very expensive. Our team will work with you and the specialty pharmacy to find funding assistance to make your medication affordable.

Even though you will be taking your chemotherapy at home, you will still be followed closely by your oncology team, with lab work, scans and doctor visits.