Meet Laura Heinesh, medical assistant

Laura Heinesh

Heinesh has been working at CMH for seven months now

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

For the last seven months, Laura Heinesh has been working as a medical assistant in the Foot and Ankle Clinic with Dr. Michael Murdock. “Becoming a medical assistant has been one of my best life decisions,” expresses Heinesh. Her everyday work includes preparing exam rooms, bringing patients back for their appointments, assisting with in-office procedures and communicating with patients over the phone or through the patient portal.

Upon patients’ arrival, Heinesh takes their vital signs and blood pressure. When she’s working with a patient, she will ask them about their injuries and report back to the doctor. When she isn’t working with patients, she spends her time completing paperwork or scheduling appointments and surgeries. 

For patients who come in for cast removal, Heinesh prepares all of the materials, making sure the cast saw, cast spreaders and bandage scissors are ready and in the exam room. Something Heinesh likes to stay aware of is where the injury is, so she can accommodate the patient while removing the cast. After they leave, she thoroughly cleans the equipment and space for the next occupant. 

Heinesh utilizes her knowledge to create learning opportunities for her coworkers and patients. On one such occasion, she demonstrated how to wrap a cast. She also taught one of her coworkers and a summer intern about cast removal, explaining the process. 

During her shifts, Heinesh doesn’t hesitate to take the lead; her leadership skills come naturally in her day-to-day work. If you see Heinesh or any of our medical assistants in the Foot and Ankle Clinic, please don’t hesitate to say “hello” and thank them for their hard work!

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