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New mom Amanda Har

New mom Amanda Harlacker and her son received help from the CMH Lactation Program to successfully breastfeed. Nurse and lactation consultant Laura Brown is one of two certified lactation consultants who run the program at CMH.

New moms gain breastfeeding confidence with the CMH Lactation Program

By Sarah Bello, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

When her son lost a little too much of his birth weight and had a significant tongue tie, first-time mom Amanda Harlacker worried she couldn’t successfully breastfeed him. 

She visited nurses and lactation consultants Laura Brown and Kelsey Betts in CMH Lactation and gained the assurance she needed. That’s exactly their purpose, explains Brown. 

Your goal, our help

“We’re here to support any mother’s decision or goal with her breastfeeding journey,” Brown says. “Some moms don’t exclusively breastfeed, and they feel bad. We’re here to get them to whatever goal they desire.”

Harlacker says Brown and Betts helped ensure her son had a proper latch and even assisted in making an appointment to get the tongue tie fixed. 

“My son is thriving now, and Kelsey and Laura have huge parts in that,” Harlacker says. “They instilled confidence in me as a first-time mom and had such encouraging attitudes even when I was unsure of what I was doing. I would absolutely suggest all new mothers take advantage of this awesome resource.”

Brown and Betts are available five days a week. Betts says especially for first-time moms, breastfeeding can pose a challenge. 

“Even though breastfeeding is a biological norm for a baby, it is actually a learned behavior by a mom,” Betts says. “Many can have a hard time in the beginning.”

Every mom is eligible

Betts and Brown can help any baby still breastfeeding, regardless of age or whether they were born at CMH.

Top quality care

The CMH Lactation Program has been recognized with the International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Care Award for four two-year terms. The award honors facilities and agencies that hire currently certified IBCLC lactation consultants and have a dedicated lactation support program available at least five days a week.

Donor breastmilk for babies in need

For new moms whose babies are hospitalized (not outpatients), CMH offers donor breastmilk. The milk is safe and is from mothers who have been screened and tested. The donated breastmilk is gently pasteurized, eliminating any harmful bacteria and viruses while preserving the nutrients. This is a separate service from CMH’s role as a donor milk drop-off site for the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank (NMMB). Outpatient babies who need ongoing donor breastmilk can order it from NMMB by calling 503-469-0955.

Help your baby get the best start — and feel good about it. To make an appointment with the CMH Lactation Program, call 503-338-7581.

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