How we can be Safer Together

We are Safer Together

Your health is our priority

By Nancee Long, Director of Communications

At CMH, your health is our priority. Whether you are coming in for surgery or a medical appointment, rest assured that we are open to care for all your health and wellness needs, and we have precautions in place to protect you. We believe strongly that health should be your priority, and we are dedicated to working as a team to care for you. By collaborating on your care and maintaining a high level of excellence, we want to become Safer Together.

What can you do to be safer?

Nancee Long

Nancee Long, Director of Communications

No matter where you are in life, there is always preventative maintenance recommended to take the best care of your health. Pregnancy checkups for expectant parents, vaccines and well-child visits for children, and yearly exams for all of us are just a few appointments to remember. As we age and more factors come into play, blood pressure checks, diabetes control and heart health become part of some routines to get a jump on any problems that may arise.

To be Safer Together, you and your family should continue those important health checks. Maintain a routine for healthy activities and work with your providers to proactively approach problems that could impact your well-being. Here are some things you can do to remain safe at home, in public and while visiting our facilities.

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces around your home and workspace frequently.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after entering and exiting a public place.
  • Keep at least six feet between yourself and others if you are in public.
  • Wear a cloth face covering over your mouth and nose when around others.
  • Stay home if you are sick. 

What can CMH do to be safer?

CMH has taken additional measures to keep our patients and caregivers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a medical facility, we always considered our spaces safe, but with new direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we have strengthened procedures to be even more dependable for you and your families. We have transformed our already robust website into a COVID-19 resource center for both patients and caregivers. We want to be the single source for all your questions related to COVID-19 and give you the sense of calm you need to get care for your family. CMH has also made other services and processes safer, including the following: 

  • We are screening everyone who comes through our doors for COVID-19 symptoms. Although processes may be different between clinics and the main hospital, temperature checks and screening questions help us ensure guests and staff are safe. 
  • All our operating room suites and emergency rooms are cleaned each day, even if they were not used. Clinic rooms are deep cleaned every evening and cleaned between patients by our medical assistants. 
  • High-touch points, including lobbies and handrails, are thoroughly cleaned two to three times per shift. 
  • Our Environmental Services (EVS) staff have increased their use of personal protective equipment to protect our caregivers and limit the possibility that our patients are exposed to any illness. See more about EVS and their important role in keeping all of us safe on page seven.

How can we be Safer Together?

It seems clear that our definition of “normal” may never be the same. Heightened awareness about all illnesses is an imperative part of everyday life as we continue to fight COVID-19. The coronavirus has prompted changes that will be with us far into the future. To maintain the health and wellness of our communities, we must work together to keep each other safe. By working with local government agencies, listening to the Clatsop County Health Department and maintaining safety in public, we can help ourselves and others stay well.

As patients and community members, you can feel safe knowing that as you restart your health initiatives, CMH is prepared. Did you miss your colonoscopy? Get it scheduled. Did your child skip a well-baby visit? Call your pediatrician. Have you been feeling that something is wrong but were worried about visiting a clinic? Please call us. We want to see you.

Our commitment to you is that we are here for you — to keep all of us safer and healthier. As a community, we can regain control of an uncontrollable situation as we collaborate on health. Whether it is more virtual options for patients, more community outreach and education, or simply a follow-up call for a missed appointment, CMH pledges to be your partner in health. We can all be Safer Together.

Let us help. To make a virtual appointment or learn more about our commitment to your safety and health, visit or call 503-325-4321.

Masks continue to be required at CMH for patients, caregivers, and visitors.Learn More