Getting to know housekeeper Susan Sandy

Susan Sandy

Caregiver has been working at CMH for more than a decade

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

Housekeepers like Susan Sandy play an important role at CMH, keeping a well-maintained and clean hospital environment for patients and staff. For 10-and-a-half years how, she has been a part of the housekeeping staff. She spends most days cleaning the Emergency Department rooms and occasionally helps in the Laundry Department. Working in the ED requires a lot of skills, including working quickly. To do a deep cleaning, it takes Sandy about 15 to 20 minutes. She is an essential part of the hospital, cleaning many of the things that make the hospital look so nice. 

Every day, Sandy sterilizes the bed surfaces, changes the sheets, wipes germs off cords, and in some cases, cleans up blood. Over the years, she has become an expert in fast cleaning. When she first started, it took her about six months to figure out the groove. In her daily work, Sandy works independently and assesses what needs to be done in the ED. Sometimes, what needs to be done includes cleaning the windows, dusting or emptying trash bags, and other times, she mops the ED waiting room, vacuums the front entrance, restocks the hand sanitizers and cleans the waiting room bathrooms.

Susan Sandy 2When Sandy isn’t working, she is volunteering for the national nonprofit organization CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. Sandy enjoys being an advocate and helping these children. Before she started working at CMH, she was a property manager for a senior complex for 15 years. One of her passions is photography; she enjoys photographing landscapes, and sometimes, The Daily Astorian’s Facebook page even features her work. On the weekends, Sandy likes to work in her garden.

Sandy enjoys working at CMH. She pays close attention to her surroundings, which plays a key part in knowing what needs to be done. Her motivation for it all is just the fact that she is making a meaningful impact on the world. All of her hard work, dedication and determination make CMH a clean, well-maintained environment for patients and staff. 

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