Meet housekeeper Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson, Housekeeper

Johnson spreads positivity at CMH

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

Not only does housekeeper Pam Johnson excel in cleaning up CMH, she spreads joy and positivity as she works. For 13 years, she’s been a caregiver, with “helping people” serving as her main motivation. She is happy to help patients, visitors and her fellow caregivers. 

Johnson wanted her coworkers to feel happy and appreciated for their work, so she put together a Positivity Board. Pam Johnson's Positivity BoardOn the board are colorful sticky notes where they can write positive messages to one another. Johnson is always working with optimism. As a part of the Planetree Caregiver Council, Johnson helps put the hospital’s person-centered Planetree philosophy into practice. 

Communication is vital to Johnson’s job. By knowing the appointment schedules for each day, she can better prioritize her work. As a housekeeper, her daily tasks include cleaning patient rooms in the CCU. On average, those rooms take 20 minutes to clean. Johnson mops the floors, wipes off countertops, cleans the bed surfaces, changes the sheets, restocks gloves and hand sanitizers, sweeps, dusts and prepares the rooms for the next admitted patients. Pam Johnson 2

While cleaning current patients’ rooms, she likes to interact with them. Johnson is kind and courteous to each person she meets. She says just a simple “hello” and acknowledgement can make them happy. 

In her free time, Johnson enjoys going to concerts. She has an appreciation for music, and her favorite genre is heavy metal. Her hobbies include camping and going to see movies. 

Johnson has an important job at CMH and tries to go above and beyond expectations to make sure the cleaning, sanitizing and overall appearance of CMH is at its best. When asked about challenges she may face, Johnson says, “Every day is a challenge, but I like challenges.”

Masks continue to be required at CMH for patients, caregivers, and visitors.Learn More