Happy Lab Week!

Celebrating our invaluable caregivers who work in the CMH Laboratory


Medical Laboratory Week 2021: “We Believe in Heroes – Avengers of the Laboratory”

By Sheila Philbrick, Laboratory Manager

Lab Caregivers at CMHLast year, the whole world experienced a life-changing pandemic, and health care workers were front and center, especially those who work in the Lab. Laboratories across the globe were challenged with implementing COVID testing in rapid time, all while trying to navigate specimen requirements, swab and media shortages, and daily report-outs to numerous agencies.

This year’s theme for Lab Week is Avengers of the Laboratory, and I think it’s a perfect assessment of everyone who stepped up to get testing up and running in all laboratories, but I’m especially proud of my staff here at CMH. Here’s a little something I wrote to show my gratitude to all those who work in the Lab:

‘Twas the night before Lab Week when all in the Lab, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The QC was poured and ready to load, In hopes that all analyzers wouldn’t give us a code;
The labels were printing all through the night, While the Lab staff organized them to make them just right;
With staff in their lab coats and gloves on their hands, They were getting all ready to be really slammed;
When out in the hall arose such a clatter, The Lab knew something must be the matter;
The Lab Aide sprang to log in the samples, While the Tech waited to load them on the new analyzers;
The results were reviewed and resulted just right, And it looked like it might turn out to be a great night.
When all of sudden more samples appeared, It seemed like the Lab work would never get cleared.
When what to my wondering eyes did appear, The new shift of workers arrived all dressed in their gear;
They sprang into action, like the heroes they are, And helped to get that pending list finally all cleared.
As I arrived to my office and saw all was all calm, I knew I had a chosen a new perfect home.
So, thank you Lab staff for being the best, Because without you, I would be such a mess!

If you see any Lab caregivers this week, please wish them a Happy Lab Week and thank them for all they do for us here at CMH!

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