Get to know Susan Siler, RN

Susan Siler, RN

Siler works in the Family Birthing Center

By Astronemis Ray, Marketing Intern

Giving birth is a special and important time for mothers, fathers and their families. CMH caregiver Susan Siler supports, guides and comforts families throughout their pregnancy and birth experiences. Siler is a nurse and Certified Childbirth Educator in the Family Birthing Center. For every family that comes in, Siler makes sure that the Family Birthing Center is an inviting and caring place for them. 

Depending on the day, Siler works on a variety of tasks. Susan Siler, RN works at CMHCharting is something she does regularly, spending about half of her shifts making sure the information compiled is accurate and up-to-date. To chart well, Siler pays close attention to details. When she’s not charting, Siler is committed to making sure each patient has what they need, so she frequently checks in with them. Whether they need another pillow or even dishes cleared out of their room, Siler is quick to make sure patients’ needs are met. Siler also takes vital signs, performs NSTs (Non-Stress Tests) and helps parents understand how to care for their newborns. She teaches them how to burp their newborns, bathe and swaddle them, and adjust their car seat. She also answers any other questions parents may have. 

In addition to her nursing skills, Siler also speaks some Spanish. When a native Spanish speaker is in the Family Birthing Center, she can communicate with them. As families get ready to return home, Siler confirms they have a follow-up appointment scheduled, gives them discharge instructions, checks that they have the correct baby, and provides parents with a packet full of information to help them care for their child. 

Siler has been working for CMH for 17 years, and her favorite part about her job is getting to know a family. She does as much as she can to help when welcoming a newborn. Her sweet manner is unique, generous and helpful, and she is constantly going the extra mile to make childbirth more special than it already is. 

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