General Surgeons Excel at Cancer Detection

Early detection saves lives

general surgery services at Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria, Oregon

Columbia Memorial Hospital general surgeons, from left to right, Dr. Camilio Rosales, Dr. Richard Crass, and Dr. Rachel Van Dusen.

They say with age, comes wisdom… well, it also brings new cancer screenings. And the big five-oh (age 50) brings colorectal cancer screenings.

While there are many options for detecting colorectal cancer, a colonoscopy is still the most complete way to detect and remove polyps in the large intestine that are, or could become, cancerous. That’s why it’s important to choose a surgeon with a good record of finding polyps and cancer.

CMH’s general surgeons perform very well compared to national averages. See for yourself:

  American Journal of Gastroenterology Average (2013) GUT Average (2011) CMH General Surgeons
Polyp (adenoma) detection rate 31% 46% 58%*
  National Averages   CMH General Surgeons
Cancer detection rate  0.29%** 0.54%

*CMH’s polyp detection rate was 46% in 2014, 54% in 2015, 56% in 2016, and 58% in 2017.

**Source: National Institutes of Health.


Meet our general surgeons:

Dr. Rachel Van Dusen, surgeon

Rachel Van Dusen, MD

General Surgeon Dr. Juliette Moore

Juliette Moore, MD

Dr. Camilo Rosales

Camilo Rosales, MD

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