Future focus

By Constance Waisanen, CMH Board of Trustees President

Portrait of Constance Waisanen

Constance Waisanen, CMH Board of Trustees President

Following the achievement of opening the new CMH–OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative, the CMH Board of Trustees and the hospital’s administrative team met last fall to update and expand our strategic plan.

Becoming a regional leader in rural healthcare

One of the top goals we have committed to for the next five years is to become the regional leader in rural healthcare. While this is a bold initiative, as an independent, not-for-profit organization, we have the advantage of being more nimble than larger organizations.

We also understand the needs of our community better since we are governed by a local board. Our board members live and work here and are deeply rooted in this community, which means everything we do is focused on helping our friends and neighbors lead healthy and productive lives.

Providing accessible healthcare

There’s a real need to continue bringing healthcare home to our community. We want to provide as much service locally as is logistically possible and, through our partnerships, provide that care at a level of quality that matches that of the top medical systems.

Preparing for a connected future

Trends for the future include leveraging technology to bring medical care into the home or workplace. I foresee a future where people can run simple medical tests at home that will upload directly to their medical provider, speak with a doctor or specialist virtually, and have prescriptions delivered.

As we move toward this more connected future, we will streamline the process of requesting, receiving and paying for healthcare. I look to the advances in manufacturing for inspiration. Production cycles that once took weeks have been reduced to a matter of days. We can do that with healthcare as well.

CMH is committed to providing exceptional care. We want ev- eryone we serve in the CMH system to be absolutely delighted. I’m super excited at what the future will bring to improve the health of our community.

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