What health screenings will my baby receive at the hospital?

Your baby will receive:

  • Hearing Screen: We check baby’s hearing using small “ear muffs” and a couple of “stickers” on baby’s head and neck. This is usually done when baby is sleeping and takes just a few minutes.
  • Metabolic Screening: This test requires a small amount of blood to be collected from a prick to baby’s heel. This test screens for many rare diseases that need to be caught as soon as possible to prevent harm to baby; it will be repeated at your baby’s two week appointment with his/her doctor.
  • Heart Screening: This test is done by placing an oxygen probe on baby’s hand and foot. It checks for the level of oxygen in baby’s blood and only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Jaundice Screening: Jaundice is the yellow color that develops in some babies’ skin. If the jaundice level becomes too high, it can hurt the baby’s brain. We screen all babies by using a meter placed on baby’s forehead. This is a very quick test. If this initial screening is concerning, then a blood test will be done to confirm the bilirubin level.
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