Expanded wound care offerings

By Donna Bzdil, CMH Rehab Manager

Beginning March 18, CMH expanded its inpatient wound care offerings. Physical therapist Franklin Howard and physical therapist assistant Brian Boclair were both interested in bringing additional wound care services, such as sharps debridement, to patients in CCU and Med/Surg. Their drive to serve our patients with the best treatment possible led them to create a wound care program.

wound care“Franklin and Brian are excellent therapists who strive to do the best for their clients. They are excited about offering these services in physical therapy and look forward to helping more clients who come to the hospital,” said Donna Bzdil, Rehabilitation Services manager.

Franklin has been a practicing physical therapist for two years. His interest in wound care began when he arrived at CMH. His drive for this program has been to provide up-to-date and evidence-based practice approaches to healing wounds. Wound care will include sharp-selective and non-selective debridement, along with introducing new wound care dressings embedded with munuka honey, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and natural autolytic debridement. This product also has immune stimulating properties.

During his 29 years as a physical therapy assistant, Brian has treated clients with various wounds. He has been with CMH for six years and has worked on growing inpatient physical therapy services. Brian is proud to be able to develop a program to benefit the community, as well as assist in the vision of making CMH the flagship critical access hospital in the state.

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