ED Band takes the Regatta stage tomorrow

By Sarah Bello

They save lives, they play, they sing! Tomorrow, Saturday, August 11, the CMH Emergency Department Band takes the stage at the Astoria Regatta Square (1-4 p.m.), hosted by CMH. The band performs an eclectic mix of rock, blues, bluegrass, folk and Americana.ED Band Get to know the rockers/caregivers:

Nate Nerenberg: CMH Pharmacy Manager Nate Nerenberg plays the bass guitar, hammered dulcimer, marimba and the nose flute (or so he says). When he isn’t busy working or rocking out, Nate says he spends his free time “crafting painstakingly detailed forgeries of stolen art,” in the hopes that if he makes enough, the original works will be deemed useless, and the market for stolen art will dry up altogether.

Chris Hogan, RN: Chris Hogan plays the guitar and mandolin family instruments for the ED Band. He also does some singing. When he’s not jamming, he works as an ED nurse. He says the staff is “a good team, with a good mix of experienced nurses and newer nurses.” Apart from work and the band, he enjoys sailing, cycling and hanging out with his grandchildren.

Deanna Hogan, RN: Deanna Hogan (Chris’ wife) is responsible for the rhythm guitar, keyboard, accordion and vocals. “The band has gone through various iterations as members come and go, and the type of music played depends on the musicians,” she says. The band has been called “The Approximations,” “Placebo Effect” and “Blue Yonder.” Technically, the current band is unnamed, she says, “because no one can agree on a name.” At work, Deanna is an RN/PCC in the ED, and in her spare time, she makes figurative art dolls and creates mixed media art.

Ariah Dwyer, RN: Ariah sings in the band and also plays a little guitar. At work, she recently transitioned from the ED to the PACU. “I truly enjoy working with all patient populations,” she says. “I’m passionate about emergency medicine, but also find recovery nursing to be rewarding.” In her free time, she loves being in nature. She enjoys hiking with her dog, Pepper, gardening, cooking and spending time with family. 

Flint Rice: Shortly after he began working at CMH, Flint Rice was introduced to the other members of the band. He was impressed by their musical abilities and joined as the drummer. When he’s not drumming, he manages various computer systems, such as PACS, for Imaging. He enjoys spending time with his two kids, watching cartoons, playing with Legos and raising rabbits and chickens.

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