Danielle Perdue, Outpatient Pharmacy Technician


Celebrating the pharmacy technicians at CMH

October 15 is National Pharmacy Tech Day, celebrating our pharmacy coworkers who help keep our CMH pharmacies running smoothly. Get to know some of the pharmacy technicians a little better.

By Sarah Bello, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Pharmacy tech Danielle Perdue calls working for the CMH Outpatient Pharmacy her dream job.

After traveling throughout the United States due to military affiliation in her 20s, the native Astorian went to school for pharmacy and received her associate degree in Georgia. When she moved back to Oregon, she began working at Rite Aid as a clerk. While there, she worked under well-known (and recently retired) local pharmacist Felix Chow and became licensed and certified.

Perdue left Rite Aid when her fourth daughter was born, spending a short time as a stay-at-home mom and later working as a tech for Fred Meyer Pharmacy. In early 2019, she saw CMH had an opening and was thrilled to apply.

“I quickly fell in love with all my co-workers and the pharmacy environment,” she says. “CMH isn’t about the numbers. It’s about helping people, getting to know them and caring for them as if they were our own family.”

CMH Outpatient Pharmacy Techs

Danielle with Shari Gonzalez and Marie Yost, two other pharmacy technicians in the CMH Outpatient Pharmacy.

Perdue now works for pharmacist Jeff Chow, Felix Chow’s son. Some of her daily tasks include filling prescriptions for patients, solving insurance issues, answering phone calls and thinking of new services that can be offered through the pharmacy.

Perdue says being able to help people and make their days brighter is a rush for her. When there are patients who aren’t as appreciative as others, she is patient and makes time to listen to their concerns.

“Maybe that’s all that person needed was someone to listen to them,” she explains.

Perdue enjoys spending time with her family when she isn’t working. She has ridden quads with them for as long as she can remember, and she loves the rush and adrenaline in that environment, too.

“It keeps my heart pumping,” she says.

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