COVID-19 voices: Allison Whisenhunt, MSW, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health and Care Management

CMH Annual Report 2020


Allison Whisenhunt, MSW, LCSW“When COVID-19 hit, we found that people needed help processing how they were feeling and coping. We saw a dramatic increase in new as well as exacerbated symptoms of existing:

  • Depression, anxiety and grief
  • Substance use disorders

We now offer psychotherapy via telehealth and in-person visits. COVID-19 has affected everyone. Seek support if you:

  • Have lost a loved one
  • Have experienced financial challenges
  • Are finding that you are not able to
    function in life like you used to
  • Need to process the many
    disappointments and other losses
    stemming from COVID-19

We will be here to help as we all recover from the trauma of living through a pandemic — please reach out if you need us.”

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Allison Whisenhunt, MSW, LCSW
CMH Director of Behavioral Health and Care Management

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