Radiation Team

Radiation Team:

Radiation Oncologist: This provider is a specialist medical doctor with training in the use of radiation therapy. This provider will oversee your radiation treatment plan and ensure the treatment is safe and accurate. 

Radiation Therapists: This is the person you will see on a daily basis during your radiation treatment. They work closely with the Radiation Oncologist and other team members to deliver the radiation therapy. They assist in administering the daily treatment. A radiation therapist is specially trained to operate the treatment machines. 

Dosimetrists: Develops each patient’s custom radiation therapy plan to best target the cancer.

Radiation Physicists: The physicists works directly with the team in assisting with the planning of radiation treatments. They ensure quality and accurate radiation therapy is given. 

Radiation Medical Assistant: The medical assistance supports the radiation team and patient to ensure quality care. 

Oncology Social Worker: Acts as patient’s advocate and emotional support; connects patient with community support.

Registered Dietitians: Works with patients to prevent and treat malnutrition, to minimize side effects from treatment, and to improve nutrition in survivorship.


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