Common Side Effects of Radiation Therapy


Radiation Therapy Side Effects

With any treatment it is important to note that not everyone will react in the same way. Depending on the site that is being treated by radiotherapy will result in different side effects. Some people have quite a few side effects, while others do not have any. There can be both early and late side effects of radiation therapy. Common early side effects are fatigue and skin problems. Late side effects will depend on the area that is treated. 

Most common side effects:

Fatigue is a common side effect of radiation therapy. Fatigue is feeling tired, worn out, and exhausted. Fatigue can come on slowly or all at once. 

Skin problems depending on the site you are being treated can look red, irritated, or sunburned. This can change as you progress throughout your treatment. Please notify your radiation team if you are experiencing this side effect.

Other side effects will be dependent on the part of body that is being treated. Here are great resources to look at side effects that you may expect for the part of your body that is being treated. 


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