The First 48 Hours after Chemotherapy

After Chemotherapy:

After a chemotherapy treatment you should take extra precautions to protect people around you from the powerful drugs in your system. Chemotherapy agents will be in your urine, stool and vomit for the first 48 hours (two days) after treatment. Trace amount can be found in your saliva, vaginal fluids and semen. It is safe for you to be with your family, but follow these guidelines to keep them safe.

Handling waste: Always wear gloves when working with soiled linen, equipment and waste. Pregnant women should avoid all contact with contaminated waste.

In the bathroom: When using the toilet, flush it twice with the lid down. Clean the toilet with a cleaner daily. If using a bed pan, urinal, commode or vomit basin, rinse it after each use. Wash it with soap and water daily.

Incontinence: If incontinence of stool or urine occurs, change soiled clothing immediately. Wash the skin well and pat dry. Applying protective ointment may prevent the skin from irritation. Immediately place soiled linen in the washer and wash it twice with hot water and regular detergent. Do not wash any contaminated linen with other items.

Sex: A condom should be worn during sexual activity.

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