Who is on my team?

It takes a village to provide comprehensive cancer care. These are just a few of the caregivers who provide support along the way:


Your oncologist leads your cancer care team. Depending on your cancer treatment plan, you may have a medical oncologist and/or a radiation oncologist.

Kelley Crusius, FNP-C

Medical Oncology

Amrita Desai, MD

Medical Oncology

Pehr Hartvigson, MD

Radiation Oncology


Mark Sundermeyer, MD

Medical Oncology

Oncology Social Worker

Well wishes are built within the walls of the CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative. This wall panel holds hundreds of signatures and prayers from CMH’s cancer care team.

Oncology social workers are licensed professionals who counsel patients/caregivers affected by cancer, provide emotional support and help people access practical assistance. Oncology social workers can provide individual counseling, support groups, locate services that help with home care or transportation, and guide people through the process of applying for Social Security disability or other forms of assistance.

Cancer Resource Center

The Resource Center connects patients and their care partners with classes, activities, information and care and comfort items during and after treatment. Visit us to check out a book from our library, pick up a brochure, find a free wig, purchase a snack or learn about a variety of classes and complementary therapies available to you. One of our volunteers will be happy to assist you!

Financial Navigator 

Our compassionate financial counselor is here to help you navigate the often-confusing world of bills, insurance and financial assistance. The financial counselor is here to help connect you with co-pay assistance programs and medication assistance programs. We have one located right in the building, please ask for the financial counselor if you have any questions.

Team Nurse 

Help navigate patients and families through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. The team nurse provides education on disease process and treatment. Team nurse’s help field phone calls of current and new patients with questions regarding their diagnosis, treatment, and side effects.  

Infusion Nurse

As part of the oncology and infusion team, the infusion RN assesses, analyzes, and applies patient data in order to best serve the patient’s needs. This may include administration of IV and oral medications, inserting peripheral IVs, accessing ports, and consulting with providers, pharmacists, and social workers to best facilitate the care plan for each unique patient.

Infusion Pharmacist 

The oncology pharmacist role is to ensure safety in compounding, preparing, and dispensing chemotherapy. They mix each patients unique chemotherapy cocktail. 

Oral Chemotherapy Pharmacist

Your oncology doctor may determine that an oral chemotherapy drug is the best way to treat your cancer. Oral chemo is a pill or liquid that you swallow and take at home. Before you start, you will receive very clear instructions and how to take you medication and what side effects to expect. It is very important to take your oral chemo exactly as the doctor tells you.

Your oral chemo will come from a specialty mail order pharmacy which will coordinate your medication shipments. Your medication may be delivered to the clinic or to your home, depending on your preference and insurance requirements. Sometimes your insurance copay may be very high, since these drugs are very expensive. Our team will work with you and the specialty pharmacy to find funding assistance so your medication will be affordable.

Even though you will be taking your chemotherapy at home, you will still be followed closely by your oncology team with lab work, scans and doctor visits.

Important Phone Numbers

Main number for Medical Oncology and Radiation: 503-338-4085 

After hours number: 503-861-5531

Dr. Desai’s Nurse: 503-338-4071

Dr. Sundermeyer’s Nurse: 503-338-4628

Kelley Crusius, NP, Nurse: 503-338-4627

Oral Chemotherapy Pharmacist: 503-338-4646

Oncology Social Worker: 503-338-4589

Resource Center: 503-338-4520

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