Imaging all-stars: Connie Dubb

Connie Dubb

Connie Dubb, MRI Technologist

By Sarah Bello

Years at CMH: 20

Connie Dubb interviewed at CMH twice before getting a job, the first time with Chuck Chitwood and the second with Tammy Fastabend. She has now been a part of the Imaging Services Department for 20 years. 

Although she originally thought about becoming a dental hygienist, she went to the Oregon Institute of Technology and found it was not her thing. Instead, after speaking with a family friend who was an x-ray tech, she decided to pursue studies in imaging technology.

Connie is a third-generation Astorian, and following her graduation from OIT, she wanted to return to the area. Her first interview with CMH didn’t pan out, so she got a job in Ocean Beach, Washington. She later had a medical exam at CMH, during which her father learned of another opportunity. 

“Tammy was the tech, and Dad chatted with her,” Connie says. “It’s Tammy’s fault.”

Connie got the job, and she has been at CMH ever since. She echoes the other caregivers who say the department is a second family. 

“The people in this department are what keep you coming back every day,” she says. “We’ve been here a long time together. It’s a good place to work.”

Connie enjoys the small community and caring for patients, many of whom she knows. A lot of her friends and neighbors are patients, and she likes helping them. She also values the radiologists who show the caregivers they are cared for. 

“When it comes to the holidays, they’ve always done a Christmas party for us,” Connie says. “It shows what a family we are. It’s nice they appreciate us so much.”

When she isn’t busy working, Connie likes to hike, bike and travel. She and her husband have been to Honduras, Fiji, Bermuda and many Caribbean locales to scuba dive. She looks forward to helping her two kids with future grandchildren and traveling more during retirement. 

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