Collaborative Cancer Care

By Dr. Jennifer Lycette, Medical Director of Medical Oncology Services, CMH-OHSU Cancer Care Center, and Assistant Professor, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Oncologist Dr. Jennifer Lycette

Dr. Jennifer Lycette

The first time you heard the name CMH-OHSU Knight Cancer Collaborative, you may have thought, “That’s a mouthful!” or “What does that mean?”

The name encompasses Columbia Memorial Hospital’s agreement with the OHSU Knight Cancer Center, which is one of true collaboration—the act of working together to create or achieve.

As a medical oncologist, I work closely with the other physicians and professionals in our new center to develop comprehensive treatment plans individualized to the person and their specific cancer.

When we are working on a particularly complex case, we can participate virtually in one of the daily Tumor Board conferences at OHSU. I present the case to my colleagues there, who have particular expertise in treating the specific type of cancer at hand. With their input, I can give my patients the best chance possible of surviving cancer.  All without my patients having to physically travel to Portland.  Geography is no longer a barrier in the digital age of medicine.

And if a patient does need more specialized treatment at OHSU, such as a procedure or surgery, we have a dedicated nurse navigator to help make sure the coordination goes smoothly.

I am so proud and excited to be part of this new phase in cancer care on the coast. Thank you for your ongoing support. This is a wonderful achievement for our community now, and into the future.

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