CMH now hiring medical assistants

Alise Jaime, MA

Alise is a medical assistant in the CMH Pediatric Clinic.

MAs assist providers in CMH Medical Group clinics 


At CMH, we employ more than 50 medical assistants across 15+ clinics. Their duties are integral to the excellent care we provide to patients. MAs stay busy assisting the providers, preparing exam rooms, assembling patient charts, sending out appointment reminders and answering phones.

CMH is now hiring for a variety of medical assistant positions. Some positions are available in the following clinics:

  • CMH Medical Group – Seaside Clinic
  • Foot & Ankle Clinic
  • Surgical Services
  • Warrenton Primary Care Clinic
  • Astoria Primary Care Clinic
  • Astoria Urgent Care Clinic

Join our team! If you’re interested in a medical assistant position with CMH, click here to apply.


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