CMH gardens and volunteers

CMH volunteers keep our gardens fresh and green

Megan Hutchinson, Volunteer Coordinator

“My husband was dying as a patient in your hospital. I couldn’t have asked for more comfort during this agonizing time. I found comfort in the greetings and smiles I received in the lobby, the stunning quilt that was laid on him during his last hours and the incredible gardens where I found peace.”

CMH Garden TendersWe regularly receive these types of kudos praising the efforts of our volunteers — people who give their time and talents to improve the experience at CMH. Volunteers bring joy to CMH in many ways, including creating beautiful spaces for patients, visitors and staff to enjoy. 

The Garden Tenders are a group of volunteers who maintain and provide gardening advice for the spaces around the CMH campus. There are five gardens available for people to use.

  • The Healing Garden near the family waiting area on the east side of the main campus
  • The Sanctuary Garden nestled between Med/Surg and the Family Birthing Center can be accessed at the north side of Med/Surg
  • The Kitchen Patio Garden located outside the main campus cafeteria provides fresh spices and produce used by the Food Services team
  • The Health and Wellness Park and Labyrinth created in 2018 to provide spiritual health to our community
  • The Mary Armington Healing Garden located in front of the Cancer Center

The Garden Tenders are most proud of the work done in the Kitchen Patio Garden and the Sanctuary Garden. Zina Helmandollar, CMH caregiver, donates her time and talents as a Master Gardener to maintain and improve the Kitchen Patio Garden. Zina regularly shares her expertise for other landscaping projects around campus. In preparation for Hospital Week in May, the Garden Tenders worked tirelessly to make sure these spaces, most particularly the Sanctuary Garden, were at their best.

These gardens provide healing, comfort and joy to people from all walks of life. Take a stroll through one of our gardens, and you will begin to understand their importance and see the dedication and passion of our Garden Tenders. 

Masks continue to be required at CMH for patients, caregivers, and visitors.Learn More